It can be tough to tame a misbehaving belly.

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What are PreActiv prebiotics?

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So until that belly is back to normal, the best we can do is stop it from causing even more trouble—by helping to prevent dehydration during diarrhea and vomiting with Pedialyte—and keeping your child as comfortable as possible.

Download the Stomach Flu Survival Guide to help you get through the stomach flu, and check out these helpful tips for keeping your child comfortable in the meantime.

Encourage bed rest, with plenty of books and activities to keep your child entertained.
If your child is not in bed, set up a comfortable spot with pillows and blankets, a favorite TV show or movie, and snuggly comfort items or stuffed animals. Be sure to wash comfort items often to ensure they are not passing germs between family members.
Have a bowl or bucket close by in case the bathroom is too far.
Provide children's fever reducer/pain reliever for aches and pains, if your child's pediatrician says it's okay.
Help keep the rest of your family healthy by encouraging frequent hand washing, disinfecting toys or shared items like the remote control, and throwing away used tissues immediately.

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